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What is text to image Generative AI

shared by Naveen Kohli on Friday, July 7, 2023 •

One of the very exciting products of the world of Generative AI is text to image engines. Personally I find that this term does not really convey this really means. Somebody may misinterpret this to mean that whatever text a person will write, Generative AI engine will convert it to an image. For somebody who is just getting introduced to Generative AI, this is not going to be what the person thought of Aeritificial Intelligence.

So what is text to image? I will describe it as below.

It is a technology that tries to comprehend your description of a picture, a scene or a visual idea and automatically generates some images to match the description you provided.

Keep in mind that Generative AI can not read your mind. It can only work on the input you have provided. More clear the input you provide, higher is the probability of receiving an image that is closer to what you had in mind. For example if you tell it a simple phrase like "Apple", Generative AI does not really know the context of your question. Based on this input, it will draw pictures of Apple that it may find the best fit of the description. You may end up with a red apple or green apple. You can not blame AI for the output. You did not provide all the information.

Following is the output when I provided input text as "apple". Generative AI did the best it could based on this word.

As I mentioned in my another article What is Generative AI, you have to provide as much information as possible to the AI engine. Here are some examples of very interesting and creative prompts and the output.

draw arctic fox with big horns. add glasses to it. fox will wear baseball hat. add Saint Bernard puppies to sit next to the fox. it will be in Santa’s workshop. puppies will ride roller skates. use vibrant colors

brown reindeer with white arctic fox and St. Bernard puppy snuggled up. I want heart charm around the neck. make the fox smaller than the reindeer with aurora borealis in background

As you can see that Generative AI allows you to create images based on your imagination.

What Generative AI tool did I use to generate the images? I personally use DALE-E for my text to images work. There are other tools like Bing Image Generator, Dreamstudio, OpenAI, Wombo, Craiyon etc. Try all the tools and then decide what tool gives you better results. Some tools may not be free.

When you use text to image generators, keep in mind that the output has been generated by a machine. It is not your original work. You can not claim any copyright on this work.

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